Style Guide for Autumn 2019

I can definitely sense a lot of changes going in the fashion industry as the new season begins. I’m sure that it won’t be long before the reign of overblown trends and logo worshipping will come to an end as the fashion industry is slowly but surely taken over by timelessness, quality and uniqueness. This autumn is the perfect time to create a minimal capsule wardrobe that includes only high-quality, well-fitting pieces that portray your own personal style and make you feel confident. However, if you are looking for some style inspiration and guidance on what to look for when choosing items and putting together outfits, here you go - my little style guide for the coming autumn!

Colours & Patterns

Wardrobe Essentials

Basic Jeans

Simple Shirt

Versatile Dress

Ankle Boots

White Sneakers

Tote Bag

Functional Jacket


invest in timeless, high-quality pieces - they will always be in fashion. (A high PRICE doesn’t always indicate high quality!)



Outfit Inspiration

Inspiration pictures taken from Pinterest, Product pictures from linked pages (not adlinks).