5 Easy Steps to Healthy Hair

In collaboration with Lyko.

  1. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, cotton and polyester can cause friction between the fibers which raises the cuticle layer of your hair and causes frizziness. Satin head bands, scarfs and hair caps are also good especially when you are travelling.

  2. No matter what the curly girl method recommends, do not brush your hair while it’s wet! Wet hair is very fragile, so detangling while wet will stretch out the individual strands and cause them to break easily.

  3. To avoid damaging your hair while it’s wet, it is crucial that you detangle your hair before washing it - this way the hair doesn’t have any knots while it’s wet. Choose products that are sulphate and paraben free (they are effective even though they don’t foam as much). Maria Nila’s products are my personal favorites. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week is enough, washing more often is unnecessary and will just dry out your scalp and hair. Dry with a microfibre towel.

  4. If you want to style your hair with heat, invest in high-quality appliances. Choose a styler that has 100% ceramic or titanium plates. So far I can recommend 3 brands: Karmin, Amika and Cloud Nine.

  5. Protecting your hair is very important. Tie your hair up as seldom as possible and brush it only once a day - very gently! Never tease your hair. Remember to always protect your hair from heat in the sun or in the sauna and also shield it from the cold and the wind. Deep condition your hair with coconut oil or a hair mask at least once or twice a month.