Plans for the week

You know when you arrive somewhere new and you instantly get either a good vibe or a bad vibe about the place? Sometimes I’ve made rushed judgements about things but usually the first impression and the gut instinct I get in the beginning turns out to be right. Having walked around Southampton for a few days now, I have to say the vibes are very good.

The first days went by sooo fast, we were really busy getting my sister settled into her new apartment and we also went shopping and got her all the essential things to get started - I just love walking around places like Ikea and getting all inspired. The plan for the rest of the week is: exploring Southampton, taking pictures, shopping and visiting new restaurants and cafés. We are also going to get our nails done tomorrow - I’m going to ask for almond shaped matte ombre nails.. let’s see how they turn out! I also want my nails to be a little shorter this time.

My shopping list includes (black) ankle boots and an oversize, super warm and cozy knit. I also want to get some cosmetics from Boots - they have so many lovely (and reasonably priced) products that you can’t get from Finland. I might also get a new pair of trainers if I see something super in JD Sports, Footlocker or Size?. Urban Outfitters and Topshop are also places I definitely want to go and look around. I’ll show you guys all the things I end up buying in the next post!