Nothing New November

One of biggest subjects that’s being discussed on social media at the moment is global warming and the ways an individual can make a difference by making small changes. The conversation made me realize that there is so many new ways in which I could make my own contribution and be more eco-friendly in my daily life. I came up with a challenge for myself, its called ”Nothing New November”. During this challenge I will commit to not buying any new clothes, shoes or accessories or anything else that is not absolutely necessary in November. I will ”shop” in my own closet and in flea markets and borrow things from my friends. I will also go through my clothes, clean out my closet and sell and donate all the items I no longer use.

I really love the idea of having a seasonal capsule wardrobe, one for autumn and winter and another for spring and summer. The two capsule wardrobes would consist of high quality pieces that I have invested in with thought and will be using for years - timeless items that are always stylish. I personally think that even though (fast) fashion is a huge problem, it can also be a solution if consumers take charge and begin demanding better quality and sustainable materials instead of just lower prices.

I watched a documentary on Netflix called ”The True Cost”. After I finished watching it I felt so disappointed in myself and the choices I have been making as a consumer. The documentary was a real eye-opener and even though I had already known that fast fashion is a huge contributing factor to so many problems especially in developing countries, I hadn’t realized how bad the situation really is - and its only getting worse! I almost felt sick thinking about all the clothes I’ve bought without ever asking myself ”do I really need this?” or ”will I still be wearing this in a few years?”.

Luckily I also do have items of clothing that I had carefully contemplated before deciding to buy them and that I’m still wearing many years later. That’s what fashion should be about, in my opinion - “fashion is meant to last”. Treating every piece like artwork and stopping to really appreciate the fact that so much hard work has gone into it and taking care of it because you want to still be able to wear it many years later. ”The true cost” was exactly the wake-up call I personally needed and I can warmly recommend the documentary to anyone who wants to reflect on and maybe even change the way they act as a consumer. 

I also want to invite you, my lovely readers, to join me in the Nothing New November Challenge and to let me know how you get on! I think this is such an important and interesting subject to talk about and I would love to hear about the different ways people view this subject.