My Autumn Shopping List

I have fallen in love with the thought of having a capsule wardrobe - just a few carefully selected pieces that are easy to mix and match together. I want my wardrobe to be filled with durable, simple and easy clothes that are versatile, stylish and timeless - and most importantly look good on me. I found a lot of posts about capsule wardrobes on Pinterest and now I'm trying to decide what are the items that I actually love to wear over and over again and want to keep. I have a lot of clothes that I bought because I was obsessed with the colour or the style or I just liked the idea of it in my head, but for some reason never ended up wearing - I'm sure that I'm not the only one this has happened to! So this autumn I'm going to have a closet cleanse and keep only the go-to pieces. I also have a few key items missing and I wanted to share my shopping list with you guys. 

Tote Bag (that goes with everything)

Sweater (that makes any outfit look great)

Stylish Raincoat



Cover picture taken from Pinterest.