Happy Singles' Day

I wasn’t even aware of Singles’ Day until I received a promo email telling me about all the Singles’ Day sales going on this weekend. According to Google Singles’ Day is a “Day for singles to celebrate and socialize” and the main celebrations are: shopping, festivals & clubbing. However, if you don’t feel like shopping or going out, here’s a list of things to do on Singles’ Day instead. Singles’ Day also happens to fall on the same day as Fathers’ Day in Finland this year so even if you are not single you still have a good reason to celebrate and eat cake today (as if you ever needed a real reason to eat cake, hahah!)

1. Have a movie marathon (as in watch romantic movies starring Noah Centineo)

2. Listen to a great audiobook & feel empowered

3. Put on a face mask and do your nails (maybe while watching the movie) or…

… 4. book a nail appointment for yourself and look for inspiration on Pinterest

5. Go On a nature walk with you friends or family

6. Have a good workout on your own or try a new lesson at the gym

I want to step out of my comfort zone this month and try aerial yoga, pilates and fit boxing. They are all available at my gym!

7. Clean your closet (maybe while listening to the audiobook)

8. Bake a cake

9. Meditate

Great apps for calming down and meditating: Headspace, buddhify & Calm.

10. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

Nail pictures taken from Pinterest. Cake recipes from k-Ruoka.