Ruisrock 2018: Why I Left

I had a three day ticket to Ruisrock but I only went on Friday. Years & Years was absolutely amazing but otherwise I didn't really enjoy myself. I was probably one of the only people there who didn't! As I was walking back to town from the festival area I just thought to myself that I don't want to go back tomorrow - one day was enough for me. I guess I'm getting too old for festivals hahah! I enjoy listening to great music and watching artists perform but I would rather experience those things on a smaller scale, like at a listening party or a private concert.

Even though my weekend in Turku didn't go as planned I found other enjoyable things to do. I visited an outside swimming pool and tried water running (I will definitely be doing more of that in Helsinki!) and I travelled to Tammisaari and spent my Saturday watching 3 football games, first live and then on the tv. All in all my weekend turned out to be a lot calmer and more relaxing than I had anticipated and I'm proud for not forcing myself to follow through with plans I had made almost 6 months ago that no longer felt right. Long before I even started this writing this blog I decided that I'm not going to pretend that I enjoy something just because it would make a nice blog post or instagram story and I hope nobody else ever feels the need to do so either.

Last picture taken from Pinterest.

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