48h in Berlin

This weekend (or at least almost 48 hours of it) was spent in Berlin. We had such a tight schedule and I was enjoying myself so much that I barely managed to take any pictures! Anyway, here's my mini vacation in lively Berlin condensed into 5 pictures.

We were supposed to arrive in Berlin at around 12 o'clock on Friday, but there was a problem with our flight so we ended up waiting at the airport in Helsinki for 3 hours, sitting in the lounge and watching the CF Regionals on my laptop. Luckily I had a lot of sweets with me!

On Saturday we went to watch the CrossFit Europe Regionals at Velodrom. It was so amazing to see some of the athletes in real life whose journeys I had been following on social media. 

We had a little bit of time before dinner to go shopping and here are the shops I had time to visit. There are sooo many good places to shop in Berlin so I it was a shame we didn't have more time. I found a few lovely things though! For example Overkill, SOTO and Galeries Lafayette are places I definitely want to visit next time.

We found this super rustic little pizza place, Simela, that served the best gluten free pizza I have tasted in my life (so far). I will definitely visit this little gem again when I go to Berlin.