Holiday: Outfits & Thoughts

Spending a week relaxing, laying in the sun for hours, walking up and down the beach with my sister while immersing in deep conversations, was something I desperately needed. Taking a break from my everyday routines helped me realize a lot of things. Things that, as dramatic as it may sound, truly changed the way I look at myself as well as my past and my future.

After I came back I watched a documentary on Netflix about Avicii and listened to Post Malone's new album (sooo good!) and it hit me even harder: everyone is fighting their own battles no matter how successful they are or how amazing their life may seem from the outside. During the week abroad I thought a lot about my own battles: the numerous times I have felt like a total outsider. Those feelings of loneliness and isolation in turn led me to believe that the fault was mine and that I should change as a person in order for me to fit in and be accepted. I finally realized that the reason for me feeling like the odd one out was not me nor the other people, but rather the fact that I wasn't meant to fit into those groups in the first place. Belonging can never be forced - you have to listen to yourself and be brave to make changes if something in your life doesn't feel right.

It was so comforting and empowering to refute the notion that walking away from toxic or uninspiring situations and people means giving up - in fact it is the exact opposite: it is choosing not to give up on finding the environment that feels like home and the people who set your soul on fire and fan your flames.