The first thing people see when they look at a person or an image, is a reflection of themselves. Some people seem to find flaws and weaknesses in every picture, every word and every action and look for others' insecurities because they have not yet found their own strengths. Others, on the contrary, choose to see the beauty and uniqueness of everyone around them because they have bravely accepted their own imperfections.

"Even the deepest ocean has a reflective surface"

What I mean to say is, that you can never truly know the reasons behind a person's actions and choices on social media and that everyone should begin by analyzing their own reactions towards them, especially if they tend to be judgmental and negative. Some (most) people go through really hard times in life and they look to social media as a platform from where to find support and inspiration as well as to gain confidence. I think that everyone should use their time online to write positive comments and uplift the people they interact with rather than try to push them down with negativity. I personally want to surround myself with people who are not intimidated by the determination or success of others and who look at the world and other people with compassion and understanding.

Even the deepest ocean has a reflective surface and you will never know what people are going through if you only keep staring at your own reflection. The only way to ever see below the reflective exterior is to let go of your preconceptions of people and meet them in the depths, because that's where the real, meaningful connections are made.

Pictures by the talented Marianne Saarinen, whose photo recently won "Picture of the Year 2018" at the Inspiration Blog Awards.