Shoes That Every Girl Needs

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As I was giving some of my shoes a spring wash I decided it would be a good time to finally let you guys have a peek into my shoe closet. The shoes in this post stood out from my shoe collection as the pairs I have been using the most during the past year and I see them as the cornerstones of my shoe closet at the moment. It also seems that almost all my favourite shoes are either black, gray or white.

Timeless shoes (all from Vagabond)


So many people have asked me how I keep my shoes (even the white ones) so clean. My guide to keeping shoes looking as good as new is 1) always coat new shoes with a protective spray before wearing them and 2) always clean them straight away if they get dirty. I like using Solemate's premium shoe cleaner because its perfect for someone like me, who doesn't want to spend ages scrubbing and rinsing to get the stains off my shoes. Solemate's cleaner is just so simple and easy to use: I just pour a few drops onto the wet brush, gently rub the dirty areas and I'm done - no need to rinse, just leave them to dry! My shoes literally look brand new after I wash them with the products and the best thing about it is that everything I need from start to finish is included in the box, I love it!