Suede Cap & Saint Laurent


Is it okay to mix and match high-end and high-street fashion? In my opinion it definitely is! I personally love outfits that have one focal point and that the other elements of the outfit compliment it and give it justice in a way. I want to slowly start upgrading my own wardrobe to the point where the timeless pieces (the focal points) like bags, shoes, jackets and accessories are from designer labels - items that grab the spotlight in any outfit. That way it is easy to update my outfits according to the season and my own changing preferences in terms of trends but still keep the looks super stylish and timeless with the quality items that ultimately get the most attention.



H&M - Cap, Jacket & Sweater

Saint Laurent - Handbag & Sunglasses

Champion - Joggers

Timberland - Boots


Photos taken by Liisa Clark.